12 May 2011

The Fine Art of Fellatio

Lick your lips
Don't move in haste
Just relax
Savor the taste

Fingertips glide
along the shaft
make his pleasure
and yours last
...start by unbuttoning his pants with your teeth...yes, very good

Suck in slowly
use your tongue
run your hand
along his bung
...guaranteed to make him 'rock' hard

Squeeze his ass
do not be shy
give your all
to your special guy
...this will help you practice

Hand on base
or he'll cum quick
when you do
this special trick
...self-explanatory, no matter the size

Suck so hard
and move your head
he'll dig his heels
into the bed
...fellatio can be done anywhere, anytime

His hands will fist
tight in your hair
run your fingers

And when at last
release is his
drink right down
that yummy jizz
...perfect suction

Do not think me
mad or odd
worship and praise
his gorgeous bod
...hell, even THEY do it!

Show him with
your mouth and hands
what it means
to be your man
..this is one happy guy

Dedicated to all ladies who may or may not enjoy the fine art of fellatio. I promise you one thing:
Practice makes perfect..and he will be happy to help you learn!
...and is HE can do it, the least we can do it try!


  1. love this, you are a beauty, eat me up honey xxx


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