14 May 2013


An advance apology to my faithful readers, but this one is going to wax a tad philosophical. I do promise to throw in a little hotness for good measure though, if you will only be patient.
this is my philosophical look..hehe

And let's start there....Patience. Admittedly it is not my strong suit. Though I have come a very long way in a very short time. Or so it seems to me. My patience is limited to children and puppies, gardens, baking and elderly relatives and friends. I have absolutely none for myself. My temper, my wants, my needs. I want everything to be satisfied NOW! And..as much as I truly hate to admit it, sometimes a lot is not enough. This one I am working on.
though sometimes i think i'd rather stick to puppies...

For those of you who know me well, you know that I came onto the scene very publicly during a really hard time in my life. My father was ill and I was spending inordinate amounts of time by his hospital bed with nothing to do. Therefore I wrote. And wrote.And waited. And wrote. I was able to escape my physical surroundings by building a fantasy life of epic proportions through every story I told. My dad got better after a long while. Then 2 years later I was there again. And again..I wrote. It is my saving grace and for it I have more patience than anything else.

Well...I'm there again. Not in the hospital thank goodness, but back to a sick father. And this time there's not going to be a "better". So again, I will write. Again I will be patient. And again I will look to the comments of my readers for support, laughter and peace. And I thank you in advance.

Most of all I thank my Sir. His patience is never ending. When I am not myself, He is patient. When I am whiny and sullen, He is patient. When I can't find my way, He is patient.
and loving...giving...caring..kind..

But more importantly, and I thank you for YOUR patience....He is patient in the bedroom. Slow..methodical undressing. Painstakingly sensuous teasing with every lengthy, pressing stroke of the nerve wheel. Unngh....
Minutes tick by that seem like hours as my hands are preciously and tightly bound to the bedposts.
 The flesh along my spine rising slow centimeter by slow centimeter as He does the same to my ankles. And then I wait as He decides...patiently, just what is to come next. A scarf over my eyes that cannot fall...?
Or if I am on my belly...the long drawn out touch of his belt along every inch of skin from my neck to my toes...? His arm drawn back..slowly..slowly...before bringing that leather across my backside...the sound reaching my ears before the delicious sting...? And then another slow rise of His arm to follow...while I tense..waiting...waiting for the slight whoosh of leather through air....

And after all of that patience comes a long slow drawn out fuck that slicks me with sweat and lust. And I am patient...over and over again...

Nothing like a good shag to teach a good many things.


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  1. Love your way with words and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during the hard times, laughter and naughty thoughts through the good, and an ear whenever needed. :)


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