This is where you'll find all those wonderful little stories about Nigel teaching me how to be a good wife! It's not all fun and games in this lifestyle, and some of these are doozies! Especially for a loud-mouth American living in a foreign country. You know there are some serious breaches in etiquette wherever I go!

So...Nigel returns tomorrow and I already know I am in for some serious trouble. First of all, he found out about my new Facebook account. I've been warned repeatedly to stay off of Facebook, even though practically everyone I've ever known has a Facebook page. And I took the opportunity to defy Nigel while he was away. What can I say? I'm an extremely social person living out in the middle of nowhere and my lovely man is gone. Naturally I'm going to go looking for trouble. What else can you expect from a woman who wants to do nothing but talk about spanking? That isn't to say that I enjoy punishment spankings. No one I know who has a DD marriage or relationship enjoys punishment spanking. I love the role playing, dress up kind, naturally. But when my husband calls and tells me he's been browsing my Facebook page and isn't too pleased to see what I've been up to, then I have cause to worry. Especially if his telling me that is followed by his explicit description of just exactly how I'm going to receive my punishment. You, I guess you'll have to wait until  tomorrow night for that!

Nigel is away again, and again the kitty is playing! He'll be home on Tuesday, though I may join him in London tomorrow. For a spankee to be without her spanker is a lonely place.

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