04 August 2013

A Submissive's Gift...

I have been reading blog posts, Facebook posts, stories, and books written by submissives for years that glorify the contribution of the Dominant to the D/s relationship. Which is wonderful, please do not mistake me, but it IS a bit one sided. Why does no submissive write about what WE bring to the table? And, as always in MY format, capitalized submissive pronouns are perfectly acceptable.
                                                                             Our gift...

So...what do We bring, besides the obvious which is of course the gift of submission? And please do not say service. Submissives do not serve. We are not slaves. That is an entirely different ball of hot dripping wax. We don't blindly follow two steps behind waiting for orders or subtle cues to do our work. We do fall asleep on our knees waiting for certain Sirs to come to bed, but we do not do it out of a sense of service, but rather...of love.

That love could be blind. A lot of love is. However, we are very strong, intelligent, and wise...most of the time. And I think most true submissives would not willingly give their gift if they were not aware of the faults of their Dominant, but choose to love them anyway. And we do not love blindly anyway, but with purpose...to make our Dominants better, both in the bedroom and without, and in the process, improve ourselves.
the better we are..the stronger we give...

No Dominant is perfect. Our perception of them may be, but in reality, they are human, with human frailties just as we are.

So what do We bring?

Laughter, kindness, willing participation in our Dominant's fantasies and our own. We bring the patience we can muster, a giving spirit, support and help whenever it is needed. We give ourselves without question, and every ounce of strength we possess.
goes without saying...

We give fun in a sometimes not fun world. We give our attention and sometimes we give too much of that. We let them need us and know that we need them. We give them honesty even when we know that it may piss them off or make us vulnerable to being hurt. We speak openly if they desire it and are quiet if they want that.
try not to be Chatty Cathy...

We share our talents and poise, our perfect fashion sense, and not so perfect feet to warm theirs.

But, mostly, we give them our faults. Why do we do this?
sometimes we see them...sometimes we dont..

Because they alone have our complete and total trust to not abuse those faults but to use them to help make us better, so that we learn with each passing day how to please them, knowing deeply that in so doing, we best please ourselves.
my happy place...


P.S. We also give really..really good head...


  1. very good Emily

  2. Poise is such an under rated elusive gift, to have and to give, ah I said gift,... nun the less poise is born out of self awareness and mindfulness of others and foremost is the embodiment of how you approach any situation. When tact is required, but instead Grace is shown, you have risen above, and that my dear is the poise you always show us Ms. Winters. Thank you.

  3. C...what a lovely comment...to me poise is grace..and only a few are truly blessed with it...whether or not i show it depends upon the appreciation shown me...and the acceptance of all of my gifts is largely due to the reception of the one gifted with such...thank you for your response...emily

  4. You are adorable.What would we day dream about if our lives were nothing but fantasy?


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