11 March 2013

If You're Going to Do It...Do It Right

I'm going to try to write this in a classy way, but no promises, alright?

I have met, spoke to, messaged with so many women who think that performing oral sex on a man is disgusting. Yes, I said disgusting. Now, men, before you get all uptight, give me a minute. I have also heard the same from many men who have had the experience of having fellatio performed by a woman who finds it distasteful. They don't like the taste is the general consensus. My own personal proclivities shout out a very loud...WHAT?! to this answer, but in an effort to be non-judgmental, to not look at the situation from my own personal adoration of the act, I shall try to be somewhat helpful here and see it from their point of view.

My first bit of advice? Don't give up!
Don't let the taste of your man's cum drive you away from letting it slide, hot and silky, down the back of your throat. It truly does provide the nutrient of protein, and come on ladies, our Men really love a girl who will swallow. Do you honestly want to be one who doesn't?

Focus instead on another sense...SCENT!

Here is what I have been delighted to notice. From the moment my face first nears my Sir's deliciously perfect cock until the moment that scrumptious essence of His love coats my tongue, His scent changes about 13 times. Yes...13. I've counted. So please do not doubt me.

The first lovely aroma to drift to me is very subtle Him. His own personal scent, a soft mixture of soap and Sir that to me could not be more perfect. The initial change in scent occurs as soon as my lips wrap the head of His cock. Oops. Forgot to be elegant there for a moment. Ahem. I meant to say as soon as my warm lips gently wrap the tip of His firm member as it begins to harden and rise to the delectations of my tongue. Better?

That scent is sharp, tangy, almost acrid, filling my nostrils with a sort of heat, a warming. That first change in scent makes me eager, makes me want. I want His cock harder. I want it to fill my mouth completely.

As my lips slide farther down said hardening member I am met with another new scent. This one comprises the tang of the latter with the Sir-ness of the former. In other words, my nose nears His body and I smell Him, the Him of Him, mixed with the tang of Him. Mmmm...that is one of my favorites, but not THE favorite.

For, as the fellatio accelerates, that scent changes again. Warm musk. As he hardens...musk with overtones of floral. Yes, I said floral. As His cock fills my mouth...peat, like the forest on a damp day. As my lips work in conjunction with my tongue, muscle stimulating muscle...floral mixed with peat and a lovely hint of raw lust. If you have never had the scent of raw lust tickling your nostrils, I suggest you find a cock to wrap your lips around as soon as possible.

My mouth continues to work and I am rewarded again with the scent of Sir, but this time that scent encompasses every cent before it. Ungh...And that is all I have to say about that.

Nearing the crescendo, the point when I know that very soon I am to have the most delectable dribble cascade down my lovely throat, is when the most rapid and perfect scent changes occur. And this may sound weird but stick with me here for a moment.

Muscles twitching...citrus.
Hands fisting in my hair...caramel.
Moans erupting from His lips...vanilla.

(Alright. There is nothing vanilla whatsoever about this Man, it's just what I smell.)

Thrusts as He fucks my face coming faster...vanilla with a hint of whatever He ate for lunch that day..usually spicy, like hot peppers.

Another moan, louder, as His knees give way just a tad and my hands gently caress His balls...spice and ginger, my scent mixing with His.

And finally, as His cum is released on a sigh of pure pleasure into my mouth, tongue contracting with greedy want...pure, unadulterated,blissful, sexy, hot, and wanty cum...the musk of Him overriding every other scent that has come before it, and the heat of that scent making me quiver to my very toes.



I made it happen. Don't you want to say the same?



  1. beautiful! i have never noticed that many scents however, i have noticed some changes, and it is this that drives me to want more and more

  2. My Sir informs me that i dont make it happen unless He allows it to happen. So, dear readers...He is absolutely right, of course!

  3. I find it erotic to perform oral on my Master. It's actually my favorite thing to do. I concentrate on his penis and the "movements" it makes. I notice the different degrees of hardness. And I enjoy the things he says during the act. He'll tell me what to pay special
    attention to i.e. the tip, base or his balls. I focus on the sounds he makes. But ultimately what arouses me is just before he cums his penis
    stiffens in such an incredible way then pulsates as he releases. As far as releasing in my mouth I focus on his cum hitting the roof of my mouth and trickling down. Instead oaf holding it in your mouth which if you are not an oral person can be daunting I find that just gradually swallowing it is better.

  4. Emily and Fussy, you are both credits to womankind!

  5. I love to lick & suck a man's manhood, your 100% correct, the scents that a man gives off sends me into complete meltdown. Am so excited to spend time with Master licking and sucking till I empty him into my slick wet throat!! mmmm.....



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