13 July 2016

Sex in the Shower and Other Musings...

Hello, my lovelies.
I do hope this wonderful year is finding you all well and perfect. As for me...well, I'm sure you can guess I am as perfect as ever.

                                                               ....still as goofy too...

Had a lovely night last evening with my Sir. He is also still as perfect as ever. Even after living with Him for a year, I find I like Him even more, understand Him a lot more, and still find Him sexy as hell. Though, the spankings have dwindled. Apparently I am a very good girl.

Which is why I get Sex in the Shower.

Now...we have all had sex in the shower. We all hope our overnight guests or roommates or even friends over for a short visit are NOT having sex in our showers. Why? Because...it..is...sacred.

There's soap for one thing.         That slippery, sliding, smooth, gliding
                                                    scented, slick, polished silk,
                                                    glistening as His hands come between...over, under, over again.

Then there's water.                     That warm, soaking, raining down
                                                    teasing splash, misting drizzle,
                                                    pouring moist where our bodies meet...in, out, in again.

There's heat.                               That spark, scintillation, coursing through,
                                                    the zeal, the scorch, the blaze,
                                                    scalding skin set alight ....before, after, before...again.

There's surrender.                       That giving in, appeasement, relenting to His want,
                                                    pure submission, relinquishing abandon to need,
                                                    eschewing forbearance and yielding...once, twice...again.


As for Other Musings...check with me tomorrow.
I need a shower.





  1. I think it’s the best of both worlds, in many ways.

  2. I say it doesn't matter if you come in naked, but I'm also wearing an incredibly slutty little micro bikini. Visit Here


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