13 July 2016

Sex in the Shower and Other Musings...

Hello, my lovelies.
I do hope this wonderful year is finding you all well and perfect. As for me...well, I'm sure you can guess I am as perfect as ever.

                                                               ....still as goofy too...

Had a lovely night last evening with my Sir. He is also still as perfect as ever. Even after living with Him for a year, I find I like Him even more, understand Him a lot more, and still find Him sexy as hell. Though, the spankings have dwindled. Apparently I am a very good girl.

Which is why I get Sex in the Shower.

Now...we have all had sex in the shower. We all hope our overnight guests or roommates or even friends over for a short visit are NOT having sex in our showers. Why? Because...it..is...sacred.

There's soap for one thing.         That slippery, sliding, smooth, gliding
                                                    scented, slick, polished silk,
                                                    glistening as His hands come between...over, under, over again.

Then there's water.                     That warm, soaking, raining down
                                                    teasing splash, misting drizzle,
                                                    pouring moist where our bodies meet...in, out, in again.

There's heat.                               That spark, scintillation, coursing through,
                                                    the zeal, the scorch, the blaze,
                                                    scalding skin set alight ....before, after, before...again.

There's surrender.                       That giving in, appeasement, relenting to His want,
                                                    pure submission, relinquishing abandon to need,
                                                    eschewing forbearance and yielding...once, twice...again.


As for Other Musings...check with me tomorrow.
I need a shower.




17 April 2015

Have You Missed Me?

Because I have missed you. But now I think,  it is time to come roaring back in true red redhead style.

So...here's a little update.

I can without a doubt say that I am in the most remarkable relationship of my entire life. Why? Because I simply AM...

                                                                      ...in love

I AM His. And He lets me know it by all the little things he does to set my life afire. Not only His amazing prowess in the bedroom, but His prowess at showing me what and who I AM...


I AM strong, and He lets me be strong.
I AM healthy in mind and body, and He encourages my health.

                                                                    ..trite but true

I AM brilliant and witty, and He loves those things.
I AM fun, and playful, and He plays.


I AM needy, at times, and He feeds me, with intelligent thought and conversation; with artful passion; with tenderness or Dominance, as He sees a need.

                                                                      ...or if I am in need

I AM Emily, a girl who has become a woman under His skillful caress.
I AM happy, happiness, light. I am safe, and I am free as a bird. His bonds have made me that.

                                                                ...and I am home


26 January 2014


I find I am learning something every day. I don't always like what I learn, especially when I learn something new about myself.
                                                                                           "not head of the class"

One of the biggest things I have learned lately is that I have an enormous capacity to love. But this unfortunately is coupled with finding that when I love, I expect certain things to go along with it. However, when they don't,  I find myself disappointed, hurt, angry, and in the end feeling very selfish. As a submissive, that is a terrible way to feel.

I don't want to complain. truly I don't. But I seem to have a big mouth that doesn't open often prefaced with a lot of thought. I consider myself an intelligent person. I also say stupid things, and today I felt something I never wanted to feel from someone I care about a great deal. After complaining and having what I thought was a really good talk about my feelings regarding something I now look at as kind of silly, I felt that the someone I really care about had become slightly...withdrawn. I really hope I'm wrong.

There's only so much I can blame on my hair..or my temper...
                                                                                   "it's becoming somewhat legendary"

Every now and then I have to look at myself and realize that I do have the capacity for selfishness. For want. For wanting equality within something I take incredibly seriously. Maybe I shouldn't take it so seriously. Maybe if I didn't I would be a lot happier in the long run. But it's not really in my nature to do. And I want to be me.

So...as a submissive. What do I do? Continue to love in the same vein in which I have for the last few years? Or try very hard to strengthen and inure myself to hurt so that these "silly" conversations no longer arise? I will always blame myself first. In spite of what I wrote last night. And do forgive that one, dear readers. It was a rant, plain and simple.
                                                                                                "an embarrassing one"
I am always the first one I look at when things do not go as my over-active imagination dictates they should. What is it about me that makes me less desirable, less pleasant, less wanted, less perfect than I was before? And the pin point always turns to my reaction over the simple things. Or maybe the not so simple, as I end up making them far more complicated than they need to be by virtue of my selfishness. It really is a conundrum.

I know what I want. What I am only now just realizing is that it isn't entirely up to me to make it happen. Someone else has to agree with that want and make it happen. Someone else has to want it too. And if they don't, then the only option left to me is accept it and deal with it in the best way for us both. A heartbreaking option at best, but truly all there is.

I won't stop loving. I don't know how. I feel at times as if I will spontaneously combust with it. And perhaps that is exactly why it isn't returned with the same equality. Maybe, just maybe...I love too much.


04 August 2013

A Submissive's Gift...

I have been reading blog posts, Facebook posts, stories, and books written by submissives for years that glorify the contribution of the Dominant to the D/s relationship. Which is wonderful, please do not mistake me, but it IS a bit one sided. Why does no submissive write about what WE bring to the table? And, as always in MY format, capitalized submissive pronouns are perfectly acceptable.
                                                                             Our gift...

So...what do We bring, besides the obvious which is of course the gift of submission? And please do not say service. Submissives do not serve. We are not slaves. That is an entirely different ball of hot dripping wax. We don't blindly follow two steps behind waiting for orders or subtle cues to do our work. We do fall asleep on our knees waiting for certain Sirs to come to bed, but we do not do it out of a sense of service, but rather...of love.

That love could be blind. A lot of love is. However, we are very strong, intelligent, and wise...most of the time. And I think most true submissives would not willingly give their gift if they were not aware of the faults of their Dominant, but choose to love them anyway. And we do not love blindly anyway, but with purpose...to make our Dominants better, both in the bedroom and without, and in the process, improve ourselves.
the better we are..the stronger we give...

No Dominant is perfect. Our perception of them may be, but in reality, they are human, with human frailties just as we are.

So what do We bring?

Laughter, kindness, willing participation in our Dominant's fantasies and our own. We bring the patience we can muster, a giving spirit, support and help whenever it is needed. We give ourselves without question, and every ounce of strength we possess.
goes without saying...

We give fun in a sometimes not fun world. We give our attention and sometimes we give too much of that. We let them need us and know that we need them. We give them honesty even when we know that it may piss them off or make us vulnerable to being hurt. We speak openly if they desire it and are quiet if they want that.
try not to be Chatty Cathy...

We share our talents and poise, our perfect fashion sense, and not so perfect feet to warm theirs.

But, mostly, we give them our faults. Why do we do this?
sometimes we see them...sometimes we dont..

Because they alone have our complete and total trust to not abuse those faults but to use them to help make us better, so that we learn with each passing day how to please them, knowing deeply that in so doing, we best please ourselves.
my happy place...


P.S. We also give really..really good head...

24 July 2013

When Words Were all We Had...

There was a time when words were all we had. We wrote them with care. With caution and with diligence. We used them as weapons of lust and desire, of seduction. When words were all we had...
...they were Your embrace

You understood the meaning they held when every one was chosen with precision and purpose. I knew their meaning, imbued with a knowledge that was all excitement at discovering that Your words could hold me in thrall for days on end. When words were all we had...
...they were the best sex I'd ever had...

When words were all we had we used them morning, noon, and night. Words were the reason I slept so well at night. They were the reason I woke with a smile. When Words were all we had...
...I couldn't get enough of them...or You...

Now we have more than words. Way more than words. We have touches and laughter. We have eyes that see into one another. We have times spent near, holding one another, feeling, smelling, seeing. We have nights of the same passion, the same life and light our Words used to bring. When words were all we had, we had less than we do now. But those words...are why I fell...so...


14 May 2013


An advance apology to my faithful readers, but this one is going to wax a tad philosophical. I do promise to throw in a little hotness for good measure though, if you will only be patient.
this is my philosophical look..hehe

And let's start there....Patience. Admittedly it is not my strong suit. Though I have come a very long way in a very short time. Or so it seems to me. My patience is limited to children and puppies, gardens, baking and elderly relatives and friends. I have absolutely none for myself. My temper, my wants, my needs. I want everything to be satisfied NOW! And..as much as I truly hate to admit it, sometimes a lot is not enough. This one I am working on.
though sometimes i think i'd rather stick to puppies...

For those of you who know me well, you know that I came onto the scene very publicly during a really hard time in my life. My father was ill and I was spending inordinate amounts of time by his hospital bed with nothing to do. Therefore I wrote. And wrote.And waited. And wrote. I was able to escape my physical surroundings by building a fantasy life of epic proportions through every story I told. My dad got better after a long while. Then 2 years later I was there again. And again..I wrote. It is my saving grace and for it I have more patience than anything else.

Well...I'm there again. Not in the hospital thank goodness, but back to a sick father. And this time there's not going to be a "better". So again, I will write. Again I will be patient. And again I will look to the comments of my readers for support, laughter and peace. And I thank you in advance.

Most of all I thank my Sir. His patience is never ending. When I am not myself, He is patient. When I am whiny and sullen, He is patient. When I can't find my way, He is patient.
and loving...giving...caring..kind..

But more importantly, and I thank you for YOUR patience....He is patient in the bedroom. Slow..methodical undressing. Painstakingly sensuous teasing with every lengthy, pressing stroke of the nerve wheel. Unngh....
Minutes tick by that seem like hours as my hands are preciously and tightly bound to the bedposts.
 The flesh along my spine rising slow centimeter by slow centimeter as He does the same to my ankles. And then I wait as He decides...patiently, just what is to come next. A scarf over my eyes that cannot fall...?
Or if I am on my belly...the long drawn out touch of his belt along every inch of skin from my neck to my toes...? His arm drawn back..slowly..slowly...before bringing that leather across my backside...the sound reaching my ears before the delicious sting...? And then another slow rise of His arm to follow...while I tense..waiting...waiting for the slight whoosh of leather through air....

And after all of that patience comes a long slow drawn out fuck that slicks me with sweat and lust. And I am patient...over and over again...

Nothing like a good shag to teach a good many things.


11 March 2013

If You're Going to Do It...Do It Right

I'm going to try to write this in a classy way, but no promises, alright?

I have met, spoke to, messaged with so many women who think that performing oral sex on a man is disgusting. Yes, I said disgusting. Now, men, before you get all uptight, give me a minute. I have also heard the same from many men who have had the experience of having fellatio performed by a woman who finds it distasteful. They don't like the taste is the general consensus. My own personal proclivities shout out a very loud...WHAT?! to this answer, but in an effort to be non-judgmental, to not look at the situation from my own personal adoration of the act, I shall try to be somewhat helpful here and see it from their point of view.

My first bit of advice? Don't give up!
Don't let the taste of your man's cum drive you away from letting it slide, hot and silky, down the back of your throat. It truly does provide the nutrient of protein, and come on ladies, our Men really love a girl who will swallow. Do you honestly want to be one who doesn't?

Focus instead on another sense...SCENT!

Here is what I have been delighted to notice. From the moment my face first nears my Sir's deliciously perfect cock until the moment that scrumptious essence of His love coats my tongue, His scent changes about 13 times. Yes...13. I've counted. So please do not doubt me.

The first lovely aroma to drift to me is very subtle Him. His own personal scent, a soft mixture of soap and Sir that to me could not be more perfect. The initial change in scent occurs as soon as my lips wrap the head of His cock. Oops. Forgot to be elegant there for a moment. Ahem. I meant to say as soon as my warm lips gently wrap the tip of His firm member as it begins to harden and rise to the delectations of my tongue. Better?

That scent is sharp, tangy, almost acrid, filling my nostrils with a sort of heat, a warming. That first change in scent makes me eager, makes me want. I want His cock harder. I want it to fill my mouth completely.

As my lips slide farther down said hardening member I am met with another new scent. This one comprises the tang of the latter with the Sir-ness of the former. In other words, my nose nears His body and I smell Him, the Him of Him, mixed with the tang of Him. Mmmm...that is one of my favorites, but not THE favorite.

For, as the fellatio accelerates, that scent changes again. Warm musk. As he hardens...musk with overtones of floral. Yes, I said floral. As His cock fills my mouth...peat, like the forest on a damp day. As my lips work in conjunction with my tongue, muscle stimulating muscle...floral mixed with peat and a lovely hint of raw lust. If you have never had the scent of raw lust tickling your nostrils, I suggest you find a cock to wrap your lips around as soon as possible.

My mouth continues to work and I am rewarded again with the scent of Sir, but this time that scent encompasses every cent before it. Ungh...And that is all I have to say about that.

Nearing the crescendo, the point when I know that very soon I am to have the most delectable dribble cascade down my lovely throat, is when the most rapid and perfect scent changes occur. And this may sound weird but stick with me here for a moment.

Muscles twitching...citrus.
Hands fisting in my hair...caramel.
Moans erupting from His lips...vanilla.

(Alright. There is nothing vanilla whatsoever about this Man, it's just what I smell.)

Thrusts as He fucks my face coming faster...vanilla with a hint of whatever He ate for lunch that day..usually spicy, like hot peppers.

Another moan, louder, as His knees give way just a tad and my hands gently caress His balls...spice and ginger, my scent mixing with His.

And finally, as His cum is released on a sigh of pure pleasure into my mouth, tongue contracting with greedy want...pure, unadulterated,blissful, sexy, hot, and wanty cum...the musk of Him overriding every other scent that has come before it, and the heat of that scent making me quiver to my very toes.



I made it happen. Don't you want to say the same?